He stinks of Brut


Miss Bovine gives
Enery a
facial massage

"Outrageously funny, unique, unconventional, well orchestrated, acted with professionalism."
Caren Atkins - Walkers Smiths

"What can I say! Everyone fell under their spell and had a fantastic time. Cries of 'Do you remember the bit when.....?' resound. Our best party ever.
Sarah Lusk - Lancaster Group

"The difficulty I have in writing about the evening lies in convincing myself that I was not hallucinating."
Madeleine Clarke - Shiseido

"It was almost as much fun watching the people who were being Spannered as it was watching the Spanners themselves."
Ellie Collis - BPMRG

"They were absolutely brilliant and made the evening a night to remember...... As one person said 'They turned Merry Hill into Merry Hell!'"
H. Kneller - Nova Recruitment

"The image of that sweet trolley will stay with me forever."
B. Castle - RHA
 Mr. Castle ..... Berrick Castle MD.

"Being a nurse, I foolishly suggested that with such a nasty bandaged hand, the waiter should not have been working"
A. Nurse - BUPA

"Outstanding ...... very funny ...... without causing offence ..... a wonderful idea."
Jo Berrington - British Airways
 Hello ..... I am Baz

"I was completely fooled ..... I could not believe I was so gullible, superb!!"
Barry Cummings - Netlock CS

"Spanner were brilliant. I personally spent most of the evening under my napkin (hiding and laughing). One delegate thought that the workman was employed as part of the 'Care in the Community Programme'."
Vicki Harvey-Piper - Financial Times


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