The Setting

Spanner Players

If you're entertaining guests, then Spanner in the Works is the perfect alternative.

The performers infiltrate and work alongside genuine waiters and waitresses, giving your guests an unforgettable evening of unique comedy and music.

From pre-dinner drinks, through to coffee, your unsuspecting guests will witness a whole host of amusing and unusual capers.

Watch with delight as unlikely canapés are nibbled, guests search in vain for the waitress's lost contact lens, and whilst a waiter takes a sneaky swig from a hidden bottle of wine, can that maintenance man really be changing a light bulb over table 2?

This deliciously mischievous atmosphere is enhanced by a suitably warped selection of background music. 

 Sit down you bugger I'll 'ave yer!!!

As the atmosphere builds, with confidence, the guests begin to interact with the Spanner players and when the workman's drill finally fuses, and the sweet trolley 'bites back', even the most unobservant are left in no doubt that they have been well and truly Spannered!

We would ask only that you make an announcement at the end of the meal exposing the true identity of the bogus staff.

 Why why why Delilah???
Taking their bows with instruments galore, the musical finale, which includes the classic sing-along 'Delilah', is a handclapping, footstomping cherry on an already splendid cake.

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