When clients have enjoyed our comedy waiter routine, and call again to ask "What else do you do?" we tell them that a Spanner Band is another perfect cover for us to slip unnoticed into their proceedings.

For a long long long long time now, the music at corporate functions has been taken far too seriously.

We hope that the following selection of live musical entertainment wets your appetite and we can guarantee that your event will be sprinkled with another light shower of magical Spanner dust.

Spanner Band

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The Spanner Band

Spanner Band

They look just like any other group of corporate musicians, ill fitting shirts off the market, the "I've just been sat in a van for three hours" look about them, and then there is the music. Imagine cheesing-up Radiohead's 'Creep', 'Wonderful Tonight' by the very funny Eric Clapton, the "Home & Away" theme, 'Pretty Vacant' and 'Spanish Eyes' plus lots more ..... all performed in true Spanner style. Guaranteed fun with plenty of guest participation, Cheasy Listening is a hilarious cabaret for during or after dinner.

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Cheasy Listening

The Jousting Jesters
The Jousting Jesters

A trio of guys delivering great medieval power pop. A poor attempt at the Bee Gees, nice hair, cheesy smiles and easy pagan chit chat between songs. Peasants will enjoy dancing to the beat of these sad individuals who will churn through a punchy set of self quilled romantic tunes, only pausing to explain the strange deep meaning behind each song. Typical set includes:- "Megan, Armour Coming Home", "Josephine's Jig", "Fill Me Goblet", "Two Pigs & A Chicken", "Elizabeth, You Are The First" and many many more.
Ideal for Medieval Banquets.

Cool Jazz Quifftet
Cool Jazz Quifftet

How many musicians are there in a Quifftet ?? Well book them and you will quickly find out.
However we will require a large changing room and food for 50.
The only band on earth that has out numbered its audience.
(IOW Jazz Fest. 92).

The Peppermint Men
Yeah Man ....... Groovy!!!

Hey far out, these cats got trapped smack bang in the sixties, great outfits and stage set, complete with pretend drugs (optional).
Songs include:- "Flowers In My Shoe", "Let's Catch The Wind", "Mamma, Pappa, In The Sky", "Moon With A Velvet Hat", "Peace For The Human Race" and there only ever chart hit, "Higher Than The Fluffy Clouds".

Cool Baby !

The Deep Green Earth Children

Ambient music to fill your event with wonderment. With a large amount of unusual instruments and lighting illusions scattered on the performance rugs, your guests will be invited to remove their shoes and enter the grotto, to make music with our spoof soloists, whilst joss sticks burn hear the delightful sounds of wind chimes, dreary chords, running water, echoed laughter, an exhaust pipe, strange wailings, wooden tongue drums, the one stringed violin, a flowing one off performance that can happen anywhere, anytime, for as long or as short as required. The Deep Green Earth Children musicians are:-

Saffron Airbiscuit
Husk Tentpeg
Dawn Cummins
Spider Pooh
Creosote Barkmould
Sammy Soil

Live video
(Betamax only)
& T-Shirts available.

The Deep Green Earth Children


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