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The Ultimate Spoof
VIP Treatment

A Media Huddle

Loitering outside the venue, our wise cracking newshound and flash happy photographers will give your guests the full celebrity treatment as they arrive for your party or event.

Available in modern day or period costume, the spoof media circus crew will snap your guests into the right mood for a great night out.

Launches Include


"You have film in there???"

Pretty Polly - Tights

Flash, Bang and Wallop (1887)

Swatch Skin Range

"Come on now ...... watch the hairy cheese!"

PG Tips - Triangular Bags

Plus loads more......


We think there is a promotional video available from Keith.


As an extra feature, live pictures can be relayed to large screen television monitors inside the venue so that guests can watch their friends and colleagues arriving and running the media gauntlet.

"Apparently this was Mr. Walmsley's idea!!"
The Family Gunston Five


Other optional extras include:-

Search Lights

Red Carpet

Digital Cameras

Spoof Security
with realistic metal detecting door frame

Autograph Hunters

Polaroid Souvenirs

27 dates still available - October 2008
Call NOW -
01905 353551

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