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A selection of photos from recent gigs around the world. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge and then click on the full size image to return to the gallery.

Good Evening!!!
Rugby fans enjoying a minty air guitar solo
Virgin Mobile TV
Summer Party
Longleat 2006
Funk and Soul of the Party

What's the point??
The minty stage is set
Jumeirah Beach Club, Dubai 2006
The tables are set
Jumeirah Beach Club, Dubai 2006
minty signals to the bar

Virgin Mobile Chemistry
Longleat 2006
minty's gear arrives
in St. Petersburg
Virgin Summer Party
Kidlington 2005
minty comperes
"Stars in the Skies" Kidlington 2005

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 2006
minty's 70's soul groove
"May The 4th Be With You"
Virgin Cargo, Fabric London 2006

Madejski Stadium 2007 air guitar for 23,000 people
minty clubbing 2007
minty out of this world
minty dj

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