Team Building

Team building is a terrific way to build and improve team spirit, communication and trust among people who work together.


Spanner has over 20 years experience organising gameshows, space-hopper football, 5-a-side tournaments, quizzes, recycled junk wars, robot building, remote control car racing, food/wine/water/cheese tastings, puppet presentations, the inventors club, go-cart racing, fun/school sports days, talent competitions, film/ad making, welly wanging, assault courses and not forgetting the ever popular treasure hunt. Robot Working closely with your brief, each challenge can be tailored to suit your needs, with anything from an hour during your working day to a full day of activities.

Of course, you may have an idea of your own that the Spanner creative team could help you develop.

All of our ideas are based on problem solving, creativity and fun.

We can cater for small or large groups, indoors or outside, on or off site.


The Spanner Gameshow is a lively non-stop roller coaster ride through some ingenious and very silly gameshow formats.

Based on television classics and party games such as Play your Cards Right, Bullseye, Runaround and the hilarious children's classics Pass The Parcel and Musical Chairs.

It's only a Gameshow! Our Compere, Ted Doogan, and his lovely assistant and dolly dealer Trudy get the crowd going before dinner with a big showbiz welcome. The choosing of team captains is then performed in an unusual and novel way.

During dinner, teams complete the really big trivia quiz which can include a standard format in addition to questions tailored to your product or business.

Gameshow Hostess Between the main course and dessert, a pop quiz in the style of the Radio One classic 'Bits and Pieces' can be played, in which teams have to identify the artist and the song title to 20 pieces of music.

The fun continues after dinner with teams competing against each other with a lively round of 'Play Your Cards Right' followed by the Mike Reid classic 'r-r-r-runaround'. Then teams get creative with the hilarious sticky-backed plastic Blue Peter Challenge and finally unleashing their energies with the manic musical chairs finale which is a piece of holiday camp magic!

Teams can play for fun or we can award the winning team members with prizes. (Client to supply.)

The Spanner Gameshow is very lively and not for the fainthearted!


A challenging pictorial treasure hunt.

After a short demo by our Spanner technician on how to use the equipment, the team captain collects a Polaroid camera ready loaded with 10 shots and the challenge briefing sheet.

The task is to photograph a series of subjects (usually five) and then display their work on the team display board.

Points are awarded for photography, creativity and humour.

Polaroid Team Building Challenge The tasks include...

The Polaroid Challenge requires teams to work closely together on creative ideas and then implement them. The results are often brilliant and very funny.

Extra points are awarded for creativity on the team display board.

Ideal time - 45 minutes to 1 hour. Minimum time 30 minutes.

A digital version of Polaroid Challenge is available with the team's results being shown on the big screen!

The Polaroid challenge is an in or outdoor activity.


A puzzle based communication task.

Shark Infested Waters Each team has to transport all of its members across an imaginary shark infested river using three bases, a rope and a plank.

Only two people are allowed on each base at any one time and players are not permitted to touch the floor.

There are a few ways to solve this problem, the easy way, the quick way or the hard way, which usually sees team members up the creek without a paddle.


A physics based construction game.

Using the props provided the team must build a chain reaction with a set number of triggers and finishing the run with a spectacular balloon burst.

Chain Reaction After an agreed amount of time spent building the chain (30 mins minimum) and starting at a specified point, the team captain sets the Chain reaction in motion and points are awarded for each successful trigger.

Should any of the triggers fail, time permitting, the chain can be reset as many times as the clock will allow.

The team who has a complete run of successful triggers from start to finish generally wins. In the event that all, or more than one team, successfully completes the task, our Spanner engineers will award extra points for course length and creative trigger building.

The equipment is very user friendly, slots together easily and most teams can achieve results in a very short space of time.

Chain Reaction

Ramps, swings, stands, see-saws, chutes, pipes, bridges and zip wires are simply placed, taped or clamped ready to take different weighted balls, buckets, balloons, roller skates and trolleys.

Team Building Activities

No scissors or knives are allowed so a spanner engineer is always on hand to assist with cutting, bending, drilling, screwing and the handing out of string, rubber bands, masking tape and the very sought after fixing favourite, BluTac.

Chain reaction is an exhilarating, fun, team challenge that encourages up and down the line communication and creative thinking.

If each part of the team's efforts is successful, Chain Reaction can give a great sense of achievement and a real winning mentality.

Team Building Ideas

Skate As an added feature the team name can be produced from the many materials provided, fixed to the equipment and each team's Chain reaction then filmed to be shown at an after-dinner awards ceremony.

Ideal time: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Minimum time: 30 minutes.

Can be used with other team building activities or as a stand alone challenge.

Space required for each team: at least 6 x 4 meters indoors or outside.






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